Reimposition of death penalty

August 3,5: This way, death penalty, should it be reimposed, would not be anti-poor. Particularly Sotto said the government should focus on enforcing the preventive education program on prohibited drugs for youth.

Reimposition of death penalty

Death by hanging was another popular method.

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There were no executions under Manuel L. Quezonthe first President of the Commonwealth. However, no executions took place until April[4] when Julio Gullien was executed for attempting to assassinate President Manuel Roxas.

In total, 51 people were electrocuted up to Execution numbers climbed under President Ferdinand Marcoswho was himself sentenced to death in for the murder of Julio Nalundasan —the political rival of his father, Mariano ; the young Ferdinand was acquitted on appeal.

The state ordered that the executions be broadcast on national television. Ramos was present at the execution.

Reimposition of death penalty

Under Marcos' year authoritarian rule, however, countless more people were summarily executed, tortured or simply disappeared for opposition to his rule. Ramos promised during his campaign that he would support the re-introduction of the death penalty in response to increasing crime rates.


The new law, drafted by Ramos, restored capital punishment. This law provided the use of the electric chair until the gas chamber chosen by the government to replace electrocution could be used. Executions resumed instarting with Leo Echegaraywho was put to death by lethal injection under Ramos' successor, Joseph Estradamarking the first execution after the reinstatement of the death penalty.

The next execution saw an embarrassing mishap when President Estrada decided to grant a last-minute reprieve, but failed to get through to the prison authorities in time to stop the execution.

Following on a personal appeal by his spiritual advisor, Bishop Teodoro Bacani, Estrada called a moratorium in to honor the bimillenial anniversary of Christ's birth.

Estrada's successor, Gloria Macapagal Arroyowas a vocal opponent of the death penalty and also approved a moratorium, but later permitted executions and denied pardons. The caveat has since been removed from subsequent versions.

On 15 Aprilthe sentences of 1, death row inmates were commuted to life imprisonmentin what Amnesty International believes to be the "largest ever commutation of death sentences".

The bill followed a vote held in Congress earlier that month which overwhelmingly supported the abolition of the practice.

The Optional Protocol commits its members to the abolition of the death penalty within their borders. It was signed on 20 Sep and ratified on 20 Nov Until its first abolition inthe country reverted to using death by firing squad. After re-introduction of the death penalty inthe country switched to lethal injection as its sole method of execution.The death penalty has been imposed and repealed on and off in the Philippines since after World War Two.

Dozens of convicts were executed by electric chair from to The death penalty was abolished a year later and restored in under President Fidel Ramos, before being scrapped again in .

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1 Imposition of the death penalty upon the poor, racial minorities, the intellectually disabled and the mentally ill Stephen B. Bright* Presentation at program of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations.

Reimposition of death penalty

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