Financial accounting midterm

Students must complete the program of study designed by the department in which he or she is enrolled and approved by the University. Satisfactory grades in all subjects offered for the degree must be earned See Academic Standing. All financial obligations, including tuition, fees, and expenses, must be satisfied as evidenced by completion.

Financial accounting midterm

Lessons from the Financial Crisis: LAW BK Var credits This course provides the student with a perspective on the origins of the financial crisis ofthe response to that crisis, and the financial reform responses to the crisis be they legislative, regulatory of market- driven.

The course has three parts: In the first part, the causes of this and other financial crises are explored including the housing bubble, the development of the "shadow" financial system, new financial instruments, regulatory gaps and deregulation, monetary policies, compensation practices, accounting deficiencies, governance breakdowns, and more.

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In the second part, policy responses to the crisis are detailed such as: Finally, the course will take an analytical view of the reforms prompted by the crisis. A discussion format is employed to the extent feasible, and problems and illustrations are used to focus and encourage class participation.

Business and transactional topics include: LAW BK 2 credits This course provides an introduction to the field of microfinance, particularly its rapid evolution and role in economic development.

Students will learn key concepts including the study of lending methodologies, products available to micro-entrepreneurs and the legal challenges, public policy considerations, and risks faced by investors, technical experts and financial providers.

Shady accounting underpins Donald Trump’s wealth - POLITICO But he appears to get there only by overvaluing properties and ignoring his expenses. But in a campaign where the New Yorker has portrayed himself as the biggest, the richest, the classiest and the best at everything, disclosing that he is less rich than he lets on could be damaging.
The Street Sleuth › Financial News Aggregator and a little more! Any additional requirements for this program are either listed below or may be found in the University's Graduate Program Catalog. Students must complete the program of study designed by the department in which he or she is enrolled and approved by the University.

This course will also examine financial practices in the developing world such as payment and remittance systems, which allow foreign nationals to transfer funds internationally within and outside traditional banking systems. Pooled Funds and Investor Protection: LAW BK 2 credits Pooled investment funds, such as pension plans and mutual funds, are an important part of the global financial services industry.

This course is designed as a survey of pooled funds and seeks to introduce students to the common regulatory themes that are found across pooled fund types, and to identify the unique approaches to regulation applicable to the various pooled fund types studied.

The course undertakes an analysis of the legal, regulatory and fiduciary standards that apply to trustees, managers, advisers, and sponsors of collective investment vehicles. The course focuses on the concept of fiduciary duty as the basis of all trusted relationships, and examines selected problems of investor and beneficiary protection in the fields of private and public pension plans and mutual funds.

It studies in detail two U. The class then studies pooled investment funds and investment trusts in the E.

The course explores ethical issues, and tensions and dilemmas that arise in the practice of law, particularly in the representation of financial institutions. Students will have the chance to examine these issues through discussions of current events affecting the financial services industry.

Research and Writing Seminar: It is specifically designed to introduce foreign lawyers to the basic principles of American legal writing. In small class settings and individual conferences, students receive guidance on drafting and editing memoranda and agreements. Their work is critiqued and rewritten.

Financial accounting midterm

The research component of the seminar trains students to locate cases, statutes and secondary material through indexing systems and the latest computer technology.

Research assignments are integrated into writing assignments -- exposing students to the methods of US legal analyses -- so that by the end of the term, students obtain the skills needed to write memoranda appropriate for submission to US law firms.

The subject matter is approached from the perspective of practice skills in representing a lender and a commercial debtor.

Students are responsible for case and problem recitation, as well as problem solving in a team environment.North South University is the first private university of Bangladesh, It was established in Approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh. The presidency of George W.

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Brian Trumbore provides review of the financial, world, and stock market news headlines of the past week. The focus is on 'hard' as well as financial news with some right-of-center commentary and analysis thrown in.

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