Contribution of print media in growth of society

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Contribution of print media in growth of society

Number of Individuals with Internet Access: After a long, drawn-out military conflict between the two states, Eritreans won their independence on May 24, Four days later, Eritrea became a member of the United Nations.

Eritrea, atsquare kilometers, is a torch-shaped wedge of the physical landscape whose size equals that of Britain. The country lies along the Red Sea coast in northern Africa and borders Sudan in the north and west, Djibouti in the southeast, and Ethiopia in the south.

Its coastline is miles long and is intersected with the seaports of Massawa and Assab.

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The northern half of the country is a highland plateau on which Asmara, the capital city, is located. The lowlands lie to the west and east while the south is predominantly characterized by aridity Gottesman, The three major languages are English, Tigrinya, and Arabic.

While all the languages are used in elementary school, English forms the medium of communication in post elementary and post secondary institutions. Religiously, the country is divided into half Muslim and half Christian.

About 20 percent of the people live in urban areas, and 80 percent live in the rural countryside. About 15 percent are herders and farmers and less than 5 percent practice pastoralism. About 45 percent of the total population is under 15 years, 54 percent is between 15 and 64 years life expectancy is 56 yearsand a tiny fraction is comprised of senior citizens.

The literacy rate suffers at 25 percent. A quarter of a million children are enrolled in elementary school, 90, attend high schools, and more than 3, attend post secondary institutions.

Of all of these, female enrollment is 48 percent, 17 percent, and 0. The patriarchal, traditional and religious practices tend to discriminate against women. Female discrimination is more highly pronounced in higher education, the professions, and government.

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Press activism intended to educate the country to bridge the gap between the sexes may be regarded with distaste. The Press Previously, Eritrea published both private-owned and government-sponsored newspapers.

However, in September the government authorities ordered all eight newspapers in the private press closed.

Contribution of print media in growth of society

InEritrea established a more concrete stand in international relations by being accepted as a member of the UN and OAU organizations. The first four years were a form of transitional or preparatory statehood.

In Maya new constitution was adopted but has never been ratified. The transitional government had a 4-year term and consisted of the presidency and the member unicameral legislature. There is no judiciary branch. A marginalized opposition is centered around the Eritrean National Pact Alliance.

The Central Committee elected the President whose constitutional responsibility is to appoint the State Council cabinet. The transitional government had 14 cabinet ministers and 10 provincial governors.

These six forces form a complex interplay of factors upon which the role of Eritrean private and independent media reverberates.

For instance, based on the principles of the transitional government, Eritrean government was supposed to hold general elections in September That did not happen.

In a country that is perceived to be a weak but emerging democracy, the nullification of the election timetable by the government is something that makes many people skeptical, both at home and abroad. In the eyes of donor communities, especially the United States, whose foreign assistance to the country enables it to sustain 70 percent of its population, retaliatory diplomatic pressure on an authoritarian and "infant democratic" political system tends to overwhelm the influence of the powers that be.

These corrupt powers are farther challenged by the work the print media, broadcast media, and electronic media display in public about them. Although the Eritrean National Assembly established a commission in January for the purpose of ratifying the role and responsibility of an independent press, this constitutional and political procedure has not helped.

On February 28,ten journalists were arrested and detained indefinitely. Two unconstitutional explanations were given to justify the detention.

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First, since the work of some of the arrested and detained journalists is financed by foreign governments including the United States, and since the U.

Media coverage and powerful communication technology in the arena of political corruption and diplomatic pressure tend to expose sensitive bureaucratic issues which may serve to discredit democratic political rationality in Eritrea Robinson, Second, some of those who were arrested, as the government claimed, failed to complete their mandatory military service.

Journalistic detainees are members of the private press whose freedom to write, publish, educate, and communicate is in the national constitution.

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Irrespective of their constitutional privileges and immunities, the Eritrean Press Corps was "silenced. Since the laws holding the pressmen in prison are supposed to be interpreted in the context of legal jurisprudence, their interpretation remains to be challenged since the nation lacks a judicial system and since that lack is partially rooted in its ethnic and political controversies whose dynamics dictate and reinforce it.Direct and total contribution of travel and tourism to the global economy from to (in trillion U.S.

dollars) Economic contribution of travel and tourism to GDP worldwide effects of print media on society The rapid growth of print media in almost all the major parts of the world was bound to create across-the-board changes in the life of people for it was after centuries that people were exposed to secular.

The contribution of print media in providing information good for society. They tried to suppress publication of newspapers. Hickey was a very bold editor. He continued his criticism of British Introduction to Print Media.

The media plays a very constructive role in today’s society. Media play an important role in increasing of public awareness and collect the views, information and attitudes toward certain issue.

Media is the most powerful tool of communication in. American Chemical Society: Chemistry for Life. Balbes Consultants LLC. Contribution to the science/profession: Honored for her instrumental role in producing millions of dollars in successful grant transformative leadership to the STEM program of the Boy Scouts of America, including the National Jamboree STEM Quest program.

Contribution of print media in growth of society

David Gale (December 13, – March 7, ) was an American mathematician and was a professor emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley, affiliated with the departments of mathematics, economics, and industrial engineering and operations has contributed to the fields of mathematical economics, game theory, and convex analysis.

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